Between hay and grass

Tonight I went for a walk to record my first outdoor ASMR recording. The time was about 3am because I wanted to minimise traffic and general urban noise.
I walked down to the local neighbourhood oval rugged up with warm clothes as it was a cool night; it was exhilarating. I was excited to do this. I get a lot of ideas for ASMR content being an ASMR consumer myself, and this one I had just put down in my little note pad of ideas.

I soon discovered the importance of microphone wind socks when recording outdoors. I don’t own one per se, so I quickly went home to improvise one out of some fluffy felt/lining I have (I’m going to be making a video with it on it’s own soon, as it’s super tingly).

I located myself as far from the road as possible, in the middle of this huge grass oval, the almost full moon above me peeking through the heavy clouds. I set up my mic and plugged in my IEM’s and the sounds I heard were beyond my expectations!

I settled my self down in a comfy spot and recorded just over 30 minutes of grass rubbing and scratching. It was a very relaxing time, I think the most relaxed I have been in a while. I found myself just kind of zoned out and peaceful, rubbing the grass back and forth and experimenting with my mic.

This was very enjoyable to record and I hope you all enjoy it too!


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